Daniel Gehring Industrietechnik

who we are

About Daniel Gehring Industrietechnik 

  • 2007 Daniel Gehring Industrietechnik was founded by Daniel Gehring at the age of 20 years
  • started as a one-man-business with a minor trade, Daniel Gehring decided in 2013 to move into self-employment and since this time we have been working in the further development of our business
  • 2016 our location was relocated from Zapfendorf to Niederfüllbach - this spatial change allows us to offer our customers further services
  • with the purchase of our own cnc-milling and lathes in 2016, we can execute our customer orders even more flexibly



  • August to December 2020 we have acquired 5 plastic injection machines (Arburg and Krauss Maffei), number 6 was bought in April 2021 and now we can produce our plastic accessoires in house and even more flexibly
  • with the expansion of our plastic spraying, the division of our locations came. 
  • the areas of frame construction, cnc-milling and the aluminium stock are still located in Niederfüllbach.
  • thanks to our family-owned forwarding company, whose registered office is located on site, we are able to schedule and execute transports and deliveries quickly.
  • the spraying area, the plastic bearing and our office are located in Küps