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We do not have minimum purchase quantities (no packing units) - you only order what you really need!

The use of accessories can improve functionality, optics and reduce the risk of injury when using aluminium profiles.

Some examples of the use of our profile accessories:

Functionality and appearance:

Functionality and appearance: with cover and barrel profiles, plastics, wood or glass can be integrated into the profiles.
By inserting cover profiles, the aluminium profiles with open grooves are easier to clean and prevent dirt from depositing in the groove.


Safet the groove.Attaching cover caps to the profile ends to avoid cut injuries

Our common groove dimensions are:

  • groove 5
  • groove 6
  • groove 8
  • groove 10

We carry out accessories:

  • aluminum
  • steel, stainless steel
  • plastics (mostly in-house production)
  • zinc die casting